About Us

After spotting an opportunity for corporate sales in India. He initiated of starting a multi-brand online store for our clients in the Indian market. Milind, founded Stupa Creation in 2016. While many major global brands had already entered that market, there were few fashion retailers catering to the growing number of Indian market who didn't see themselves reflected in the one-dimensional view of the megabrands.

Milind hoped to establish Stupa Creation for showcasing and educating the shoppers who had been brought up on a restricted diet of brands, hence he is making an effort for mono brand shopping experiece with limited offering. "When it comes to dressing, Indians are [usually] conservative, low risk and not aware of emerging disigners and trends. Therefore it was important to send a clear message [that what] was missing was a highly curated concept store."

It's what makes Stupa Creation a unique destination: when you shop with us, you"ll find (Brands) styles which you want to buy at an affordable price. Whether you're about established names such as Killer, Lawman, Integriti, Lee Cooper, Fila, A&F, Elfin etc

Shopping with us is easy - and (we're proud to say) enjoyable. So if you're in need of style inspiration, turn to our cutting-edge editorial for tailored wardrobe tips, explore our website's trend-led edits for the hottest runaway looks. - plus our personal-shopping team offers at service for Stupa Creation Private Clients. And don't forget, you can shop it all your way (create your own wish list,)

Every time you feel like buying Bags, Watches, Eyewear from our Brands, we at Stupa are making sure it becomes more magical than the last.